The Passap E6000 was made by the MADAG company in Switzerland. It is a 5mm electronic double-bed machine. It has a computer console which can set up the front pushers automatically.

Front lock or carriage
Back lock or carriage
E6000 console
Pushers are used to pattern and/or select needles for knitting (partial knitting). Shown above are the front bed needles (top) and the pushers (out of work, bottom). On the Passap E6000, the electronics program the carriage to set the front pushers in pattern. The back bed also has pushers - these are semi-automatic, ie the user sets these up and the carriage can be set to alternate them.

Strippers are used for different kinds of knitting - orange strippers shown above are for double bed work. Black strippers (not shown) are for single bed work and tubular knitting, although there are some exceptions to this rule. Strippers are paired and they slot into metal holders, which swing up and down on every pass.

Electronic and also via reader sheets
Knits from fine industrial yarns to an english 4ply.