Brother KX350


This is a bit of an oddity - it's got the KX code but is not a convertible, and it is a 7mm gauge machine, the only midgauge machine Brother ever made. The bed pieces cannot be swapped out, they are fixed.


  • Plastic bed
  • 7mm gauge

Recommended Yarn

  • 4ply - DK-Aran


This model has the following stitches / patterning inbuilt:
  • stockinette
  • slip
  • tuck (manual manipulation only)
  • fair isle (manual manipulation only)
  • motif (manual manipulation only)

Accessories included with Machine

  • Row counter
  • Instruction Book Operating Manual
  • 1x2 transfer tool
  • 1x3 transfer tool
  • 2x3 transfer tool
  • 2 claw weights
  • Ravel cord
  • Oil bottle
  • Table clamps
  • tension mast

Care and Maintenance